Hello Lovey People! My name is Breanne (Brie for short), and this is my health journey blog! The idea for starting this blog blossomed after I achieved shedding off 50lbs of weight from my body!!! Like some of you, weight has been a long battle of mine for years, but I’ve finally won the war! imagepng

Being that my weight-loss journey has been one of my greatest life achievements, I have transformed into a big advocate for mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being. As a result, I have made it my duty to assist those who would like to begin a new “life style change”, or like myself, continue to maintain their healthy habits!

With that being said, please enjoy watching my video blog posts, utilizing the links I’ve provided, and submitting your comments/feedback to better the success and growth of the blog!

Now ladies and gents are you ready?! Get excited because this morning, this afternoon, this evening begins your new beginning! It’s time to adjust your perception, fire up your determination, and embark upon your power! Today is the day we begin to Amor You 4 You!



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